Scrap Metal and Flesh


Dying Last Words

Crown Tapes is proud to announce a specialized release series that will be focusing on final statements as tape loops. NO two releases will ever be the same, as each one will hand made and constructed to fit, worship, and exonerate the themes behind the projects selected for this series. Each release will be limited to 50 only.

The first in this release in this series will be from Deterge (Fusty Cunt, PTM, Self Proclaimed Mad Man), hailing from the No Coast. This release will come as a 2xTape Loop, with the dying last words on one cassette and the accompanying sounds on the other. Each one will comes as two tape loops packaged within a hardback book (all of various sizes), and which will also be screwed shut eventually. Construction has begun on these beasts and we here at Crown Tapes are super stoked to get this bad boy finished. Keep on the lookout! NO WE ARE NOT TAKING RESERVATIONS OR PRE-ORDERS.

- Decaying Chandler Tape Loops are still available, a massive thank you to those that have purchased them! You can still order them for $6 a piece or $10 for 2 tape loops!

email: hailthecrown@gmail from questions about the loops, orders, etc

Crown Tapes also currently is carrying some distro releases as well:

Disgust/Joshua Norton Cabal CS on Small Doses $7/$8

Disgust/Gnawed/Nyodene D/RU-486 2xCS on Phage Tapes $10/$11

Disgust “Where Angels Fear To Tread” on Danvers State $7/$8 (LAST COPY)

email: to purchase

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