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New Crown Tapes Batch

It is with great joy and pride that I may finally announce the second Crown Tapes Batch for the summer of 2012!!!

CT 0.4 - Prince Stolas “The 26th Legion” Single Sided C30

Edition of 25. The first of many to come from the Crimes of the Crown collective. Crude synth work meets crude tape loops. Background music for the training and preparation of the damned. The beatings will continue, no matter how well you perform. Material repeats on both sides. Artwork by Si Clark.

CT 0.6 - Musta Oksennus “Last Days in Bunker” C20

Edition of 50. Finnish.Noisecore.Supremacy. Last recordings ever made in their old rehearsal space. Slipping in and out of potential mid tempo musicality, yet always maintaining that excellent noisecore chaos. Features excellent Industrial sounds as well. I’m beyond proud to be releasing this. Artwork by Si Clark.

CT 0.7 - Swarm Survival “Soporific Miasma” C20

Edition of 50. The newest member to join the No Coast Power Electronics family. An extremely strong follow up to the “Heavy Losses” debut on Fusty Cunt. “Soporific Miasma” has Dan demonstrating how the rushed and busy lives of most humans relate exactly the same to Locusts but on a much more complex level. Do we think we are actually better and stronger then a swarm of locusts, or are we apart of one all the same….struggling to survive. Recorded with the same mentality in mind. No coast, and no hope in sight. Artwork once again, by the incredibly talented Si Clark.


Buy all 3 for $18USPPD/$19MEXICO,CANADA/$21ROTW

Paypal to: mchami 467 @ gmail . com

Any and all inquiries, please email at: hailthecrown @ gmail . com


ZZ Alchemy release

Society of Surgeons

Violent Pink

Kam Hassah

Crown Tapes News

It is with great pleasure and honor that we at Crown Tapes announce that the copies of the new Winters in Osaka LP “Clandestine” have finally arrived at our headquarters! Mad shout outs to Anabolic Dimensions, Fusty Cunt, and Car Wash Tapes!

As always with Winters in Osaka you can never really guess what will be on the album until you actually hear it. Always shifting, always changing, always evolving and ALWAYS thriving. Featuring fellow no coaster’s Deterge, Battleship, Neil Jendon, as well as the extraordinary talent of the man behind Persistence in Mourning, and the utter madness of Mike Finklea (Striations, Nefarious Activities). 

In terms of explaining the album itself, I can only quote the man himself, Adam Jennings.

"Each Winters in Osaka release is like a depiction of how my life is like at that moment……."

Do you beckon to its call?

These are available for $13 in North America and $16 for the rest of the world!

Paypal to:

Email: for any all questions.


Last but not least here is a current update of available distro items:

-Crown of Cerberus “Awakening” CS (Anabolic Dimensions) - $5/$7

-Bachir Gemayal “HNWar” CDr (Order of the HNW) - $7/$9

-Koufar + Skin Graft collaboration “Revelations: This Country Is Mine” (Phage Tapes) - $7/$9

-Disgust/Gnawed/Nyodene D/RU-486 2xCS (Phage Tapes) -$8/$10 FEW COPIES 

-Disgust/Joshua Norton Cabal split (Small Doses) -$6 FEW COPIES

Also, it should be known that the holiday sale for Crown Tape Loops is still available and are now available for a little cheaper! Only $4 for one and you can buy two for $7. Paypal to:

This sale will run until the end of the year or until the tapes sell out! They make great stocking stuffers for all your nerdy friends who like analog toys!

Thank you all for the support thus far, 2011 is only the beginning, BIG things planned for 2012.

Hitting those drawing boards quite hard these days.

Dying Last Words

Crown Tapes is proud to announce a specialized release series that will be focusing on final statements as tape loops. NO two releases will ever be the same, as each one will hand made and constructed to fit, worship, and exonerate the themes behind the projects selected for this series. Each release will be limited to 50 only.

The first in this release in this series will be from Deterge (Fusty Cunt, PTM, Self Proclaimed Mad Man), hailing from the No Coast. This release will come as a 2xTape Loop, with the dying last words on one cassette and the accompanying sounds on the other. Each one will comes as two tape loops packaged within a hardback book (all of various sizes), and which will also be screwed shut eventually. Construction has begun on these beasts and we here at Crown Tapes are super stoked to get this bad boy finished. Keep on the lookout! NO WE ARE NOT TAKING RESERVATIONS OR PRE-ORDERS.

- Decaying Chandler Tape Loops are still available, a massive thank you to those that have purchased them! You can still order them for $6 a piece or $10 for 2 tape loops!

email: hailthecrown@gmail from questions about the loops, orders, etc

Crown Tapes also currently is carrying some distro releases as well:

Disgust/Joshua Norton Cabal CS on Small Doses $7/$8

Disgust/Gnawed/Nyodene D/RU-486 2xCS on Phage Tapes $10/$11

Disgust “Where Angels Fear To Tread” on Danvers State $7/$8 (LAST COPY)

email: to purchase

Follow: for updates and other fun shit.

Crown Tapes

I am extremely pleased to announce the beginning of Crown Tapes. A label focusing mainly on analog formats such as cassettes, tape loops, and vinyl.

For the first batch, I have 20 blank decaying Chandler cassette tapes. These tape loops are not meant to be pristine and pretty. Instead the “decaying” Chandler produces a warped 78 record sound, sometimes with the tape slowing itself and picking back up at different times. Each cassette was handmade using recycled cassettes, and each piece of tape was handled differently, so as a result each one produces its own warped sound. No two cassettes are the same. Record your own loops and see what interesting results you get!

Prices: Decaying Chandler $6 each.

Get two cassettes for $10!

Please email at: to place your orders.


-Clean 6 second cassette loops

-Customized cassette loops. 

Crown Tapes Guarantee:

Yes, these specific tapes are meant to slowly fall apart. Some times they’ll last a year, some times they’ll last 4 weeks. The Crown Tapes Guarantee is that if your tape breaks within a month starting from the day I sent it in the mail, I will make you a new one free of charge. Not all tapes will fall under the CTG.

Also Crown Tapes is also pleased to announce its first release. Crown Tapes along with Fusty Cunt, Nefarious Activities, Anabolic Dimensions, will be releasing the Winters in Osaka LP “Clandestine”. Coming very soon!

Crown Tapes will also be starting up a tape loop release based series called Dying Last Words. Each release will be limited to 50, come with two tape loops, and have a handmade custom packaging as well. More info on the first release coming very soon!

Stay tuned at: for updates.